WFP To Feed 83,000 People In Flood-Hit Mozambique

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WFP is working to provide emergency food assistance to some 83,000 people affected by cyclones and severe flooding in Mozambique. Distributions started in early February in central Zambezia province.

MAPUTO -- Food distributions began on 2 February in the flood-hit central Zambezia province of Mozambique where nearly 6,000 people in Maganja district received rations of flour and other supplies to last them a month.

Following a request for help from the Mozambique government, WFP is working to provide emergency food rations to 76,500 people in Zambezia and a further 6,500 in Maputo Province, around the country's capital.

Two tropical storms, Dando and Funso, killed at least 32 people and affected 125,000 in Mozambique in January, according to government sources cited by news agency AFP.

Around 100,000 hectares of farmland are believed to have been lost in the poor southern African country. There are fears for food security in coming months, when inhabitants of affected areas will have no crops to harvest.

Since 16 January, WFP - together with other UN agencies and NGOs - has been supporting the government in making rapid assessments to gauge the scale of the crisis and the required response.

In line with emergency contingency plans drawn up in recent years with the government, WFP deployed staff to the field, providing technical support in mapping, logistics and information-analysis as well as supporting telecommunications. Read more about WFP’s response.