WFP Emergency Report No. 09 of 1999: Mozambique

Situation Report
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This report includes: A) Angola B) Sierra Leone C) Sudan D) Ethiopia E) Somalia F) Mozambique G) Tanzania H) Latin America: Honduras and Colombia.
From Manuel Aranda da Silva, Chief, Technical Support Service. Available on the Internet on the WFP Home Page at or by electronic mail from or (fax 39 06 6513 2837). For information on resources, donors are requested to contact or at WFP Rome, telephone 39 06 6513 2004 or 06 6513 2250. The address of WFP is Via Cesare Giulio Viola 68, Parco dei Medici, 00148 Rome, Italy.

This issue of the Emergency Report was prepared by Natasha Nadazdin.

(Details below in Part II)


1. Flood relief operation - information as of 7 March

a) WFP launches urgent airlift of emergency food rations to 70,000 people affected by recent floods in Inhambane province. Initial 157 tons of maize and beans delivered to areas with no road access.

b) For new emergency, WFP using food stocks from ongoing EMOP for floods and drought victims in southern Mozambique.



1. FLOOD RELIEF OPERATION - information as of 7 March

1.1 WFP has launched an urgent airlift of emergency food rations to 70,000 people affected by recent floods in Vilanculos and Inhassoro towns of the southern coastal province of Inhambane. The airlift is run out of the coastal city of Beira. Once landed in accessible major towns, the food will be forwarded to the flood victims by boats. For isolated communities, WFP plans to use helicopters. On 6 and 7 March WFP delivered an initial 157 tons of maize and beans, enough to feed the affected population victims for at least 10 days. WFP has appealed to donors for USD 125,000. The affected population in Inhambane has had no access to food and basic health care since last week when the floods began and cut off all road access into and out of the province. WFP will be on stand-by to transport non-food items urgently needed by the flood victims.

1.2 In the new emergency WFP is using food stocks from the ongoing WFP emergency operation (EMOP 5832.01) for the population affected by floods and drought in southern Mozambique.