Update on Mozambique from MAP staff in Maputo

News and Press Release
Originally published
MAP International's director of relief, John Garvin, is in Mozambique to receive and help ensure that MAP's initial medical relief shipment reaches its intended destination in Beira when it arrives in country Saturday.
He reports that rains continue to pound the country, and the saturated ground cannot absorb this new onslaught. The waters are rising again. Garvin visited a base camp in Maputo where over 4,000 people are living with only hastily constructed lean-to's made from scrap wood protecting them from the elements. Cholera and malaria are the major health threats, and 81 new cases of cholera were reported in a 24-hour period in Maputo alone.

MAP medicines will be transported to the program site of another U.S. Christian agency, Food for the Hungry. A second shipment of over 4,000 lbs. of MAP-supplied medicines is currently being consolidated with World Vision/Canada relief materials for arrival in Mozambique on March 25th.

On Tuesday, March 21, Garvin and MAP's communications director from its Nairobi, Kenya office, Sirima Githinji, will leave Beira and accompany World Vision relief workers on an aerial reconnaissance of the areas around Machanga and Xai-Xai.

Nearly one million Mozambicans have been left homeless and or have lost their means of livelihood in these floods. Where 1998 and 1999 saw the first crop surpluses since the civil war, the flooding has compromised nearly one-third of the nation's cereal production capacity for 2000.