Update: Floods in Mozambique, Inhambane province

Last 7 and 8 March heavy rains occurred in Gaza, Sofala, Manica and Inhambane provinces. This area was suffering severe drought for the past year and now after the 8 days of cyclone and heavy rains the population are suffering the effects of the three natural disaster.
The Humanitarian Officer for Intermon Oxfam in Nova Mambone, in Inhambane Province has been facing last weekend the consequences of such heavy rains and the floods Save river basin. A premature report given yesterday indicates:

  • at least 12.000 people are being directly affected in the area of Nova Mambone. The area affected by floods is bigger and covers the distance from Nova Mambone to Mahave, 30 Km length

  • there are lots of people in the upper lands with nothing with them, shelter, food, drinking water...the situation by night worsened because lack of vision to evacuate risk areas

  • there are families who haven't been able to evacuate their houses on time mainly in Matasse, Mussanga and Matique

  • there is only one boat in the area and is rescuing the worst affected families in those villages

  • Intermon Oxfam office has been evacuated in Nova Mambone

  • Intermon Oxfam Warehouse with food has been released and food are being distributed in anarchic manner in order to meet acute need

  • Catholic Mission has been evacuated in Nova Mambone

At this stage, Intermon Oxfam is trying to keep in contact with the Humanitarian Officer and find out which is the best way to react and assist the population affected by the floods. Any further and relevant information about the humanitarian crisis is going to be distributed to you immediately.