Update on Dutch Aid to Mozambique 21 Mar 2000

Originally published
Development Cooperation: Onderwerp: press release - Datum: 21 March 2000 - Nummer: 000

The Minister for Development Cooperation has now appropriated a total of 20 million guilders for aid to Mozambique. 10,608,000 guilders have been spent to date.

Overview of expenditure:

11 February: NLG 100,000 to the Mozambique Red Cross.

19 February: NLG 340,000 to the South African Air Force for fuel.

23 February: NLG 1,500,000 in emergency aid to the UN (WFP, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA).

24 February: NLG 5,000,000 in budget support to the government of Mozambique to expedite repairs to infrastructure.

27 February: NLG 235,000 for 6 boats purchased by the Dutch embassy in Maputo.

28 February: NLG 1,130,000 to the South African Air Force for the deployment of eight helicopters and five aircraft.

2 March: NLG 450,000 for 50 rubber dinghies, outboard motors and transport to Mozambique. Flown out on 3 March, with 10 Ministry of Defence instructor-operators.

3 March: An emergency aid expert from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the commander of the Ministry of Defence's emergency aid fact-finding team assigned to the embassy in Maputo to help coordinate Dutch aid effort.

6 March: NLG 528,000 in relief goods (blankets, stretchers, plastic sheeting) through the Dutch Red Cross. Some items destined for Zimbabwe.

6 March: NLG 1,125,000 in relief goods (food, water, seeds and tools) through World Vision.

8 March: NLG 200,000 to cover costs of transporting Dutch Red Cross relief goods to Mozambique by Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC10.

Total: NLG 10,608,000

The remaining funds will mainly be used to rebuild infrastructure destroyed by the floods. In Maputo, donors and the Mozambique government are now organising a special fund for the reconstruction of the areas hit by flooding. A special donor conference, chaired by Mozambique and UNDP, will be held in Rome on 26 and 27 April 2000 to decide on the reconstruction plan, a rehabilitation fund, and expenditure of funds now available for reconstruction.