Update on Dutch aid to Mozambique

News and Press Release
Originally published
Released by Development Cooperation:

Eveline Herfkens, Minister for Development Cooperation, has appropriated a total of 20 million guilders in aid to Mozambique. To date, nearly nine million guilders has been spent.

Fifty rubber dinghies equipped with outboard motors are being flown in to Mozambique on Friday 3 March. The costs, including transport, amount to 450,000 guilders. Ten Ministry of Defence instructor-operators are also being flown in. The Netherlands has assigned two experts to the disaster area: an expert on emergency aid from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the commander of the Ministry of Defence's emergency aid fact-finding team, who are leaving for Mozambique on Friday 3 March to assist Dutch Embassy staff in Maputo.

The following is an overview of aid given to date:

11 February: NLG 100,000 to the Mozambique Red Cross.

19 February: NLG 340,000 to the South African Air Force for fuel.

23 February: NLG 1,500,000 to the UN (WFP, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA) for emergency aid.

24 February: NLG 5,000,000 in budget support to the Mozambique government for emergency repairs to infrastructure.

27 February: NLG 235,000 for six boats purchased by the Dutch embassy in Maputo.

28 February: NLG 1,130,000 to the South African Air Force for the deployment of eight helicopters and five aircraft.

2 March: NLG 450,000 on rubber dinghies, outboard motors and transport to Mozambique. Delivery on 3 March. Ten Ministry of Defence instructors/operators are also being flown in.

3 March: One expert from the emergency aid division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the commander of the Ministry of Defence's emergency aid fact-finding team will be flying to Maputo to assist at the Embassy.

Total amount spent to date: 8,755,000 guilders