Update on DFID's response to Mozambique floods

Originally published
News From the Department for International Development 00/00 - 1 March 2000

Clare Short is today pleased to announce that the Department for International Development has chartered two more helicopters from the Ukraine, which will be used to support the humanitarian operations in Mozambique. These will both seat 28 people each and have been chartered with full crew and support package.

DFID is also deploying four fully equipped Puma helicopters from Devon with crew. These machines will be invaluable in supporting the rescue operations which have been gathering momentum as the crisis has worsened.

The Pumas will be transported to the region by an ANTONOV 124 heavy lift and RAF TriStar that have been specifically chartered for the purpose. The aircraft will depart on Thursday 2nd March and will arrive in the region some time on Friday 3rd March.

The aircrafts will work in direct support of the rescue operation in Mozambique. The costs for the helicopters from the Ukraine will be =A3450,000 and =A31.15m for the PUMA helicopters from the UK. The total UK funds to date are =A35.8m.

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