UNICEF Mozambique 2013 Annual Report


Today we launch the UNICEF Mozambique Annual Report for 2013!

Maputo, 14 June 2014 – In keeping with our mission to serve the best interests of children and families, we decided to tell the story of our achievements a little differently this time. The 2013 annual report will take you to Chibuto to meet 13-year-old Elisa, who dreams of becoming a teacher one day, to Morrumbala to read about Regina, Jovito and Alita Jessone, three young orphans cared for by their selfless grandparents, and to Changara to live a day in the life of Alzira, a young HIV-positive mother and Abel, her baby son.

By telling their stories, we wish to remember and honor the real life experiences and challenges of those we serve. Behind every number and piece of data are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of children and mothers, each with a story to tell about a simple desire to survive, thrive, and be happy.

Every step forward for us must mean that the life of a child or mother somewhere in Chibuto or Changara or Morrumbala is a little more bearable.

Thanks to the hard work of our staff, and hand in hand with our partners, Elisa can one day become a teacher, the Jessones receive social assistance thanks to their birth registration documents, and Alzira and Abel are receiving treatment and keeping healthy.

Life is still hard and far from ideal, but we are happy to see progress every day. We thank all our partners for their commitment and support to the respect of ALL rights, for ALL children.

The UNICEF Mozambique Annual Report is now available in English in a web-based format Downloadable PDF versions are also available for off-line reference.

For more information, please contact:

Patricia Nakell, UNICEF Mozambique,

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