UNHCR Mozambique Fact Sheet, May 2022


Mozambique hosts 29,882 refugees and asylum-seekers. Violence by non-state armed groups (NSAGs) combined with natural disasters, triggered more than one million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the north and central districts. Mozambique is one of the most adversely affected countries in the world by climate-related hazards. On 31 March, UNHCR declared a Level-2 Emergency for Mozambique the third emergency declaration in the last four years, after tropical Cyclone Gombe caused significant damage and displaced over 700,000 people. UNHCR continues to raise the alarm over the desperate situation in Mozambique, one of the worlds ‘invisible emergencies”.

UNHCR and partners work closely with local authorities to ensure the emergency needs of displaced persons continue to be addressed, while advocating for the inclusion of refugees and IDPs in government programmes and longer-term development partner programming.