Tzu Chi’s humanitarian aid in the flooding area in Mozambique

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In January 2015, heavy rains triggered destructive flooding in coastal Mozambique. Since then, many flood victims have been forced to relocate to higher grounds and stay at the simply makeshift homes but who has no beds. Responding to their needs, the volunteers of Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in Mozambique have visited the affected residents to give out the portable Jing Si folding beds. Tzu Chi volunteers, who usually come to offer victims a premium range of rice, but this time to have surprised to the victims by bringing them a few sets of folding beds what they desperately needed to go through a difficult time.

The victims, who are eager to find out if the bed is durable, and they ask a heavy resident to try lying on it. Then, they are happy to receive this gift. In January 2015 heavy rains caused severe flooding across Mozambique, and the flood waters had not fully receded in some areas. As a result, residents in Matendene were forced to relocate, putting together makeshift homes with old canvass and bamboos but sleeping on the ground.

One of solitary seniors who will be able to sleep well because the folding bed is a life-saving gift for her, and she does not need to sleep on her broken bed. She said that if water seeps through, it will drain through these holes.

Meanwhile, there is a family who has lost their home in the flood. The volunteers not only brought them folding beds, they also gave the family daily supplies and new clothes. Then, the young volunteer promises to help them to rebuild their home.『 How are you going to do? Would you like to rebuild your house with me? 』The young volunteer mentioned to the family.

The local volunteers, also affected by the flood, distributed the folding beds to other victims. Nevertheless, they dedicated themselves to conduct surveying disaster and offering daily supplies. This time, they also make sure other flood victims receive the folding beds first. As the local volunteers extend their assistance to flood victims, they have become on the giving end and relished in the joy of giving.

Because of the flood in Mozambique, Tzu Chi has delivered 200 tons of rice to reduce crisis of the food shortage. The relief mission benefit almost 50,000 in 10,000 families.

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