Tropical Storm Chalane, Situation Report, January 2021

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Since the the landfall of Cyclone Idai in 2019, the CCCM cluster has been providing logistical and technical support to the INGC in the central area of Mozambique. Across all 73 resettlement areas in Sofala, Manica, Zambezia and Tete, CCCM has static and mobile presence in 48 sites in Manica and Sofala ensuring site management and community engagement are maintained. Through the technical implementation of IOM, in close coordination with the INGC, continued infrastructure works such as maintenance of drainages, flood contention, information desks as well as referrals to specialized protection and health services have allowed the cluster to reach out to over 61,000 beneficiaries in 2020.

Tropical Storm Chalane

On 30th December 2020 the Tropical Storm Chalane made landfall in the central region of Mozambique, affecting shelters and service provision areas in resettlement sites across Manica and Sofala provinces. Through our partners on the ground – IOM and INGC – the CCCM cluster has been providing logistical and technical support in the assessments and response, looking into comprehensive information sharing and timely re-establishment of services in the affected areas. Together with IOM DTM and INGC teams, CCCM supported the assessment of damages across 65 sites in Sofala and Manica .

All 30 Temporary Accommodation Sites hosting families affected by the Tropical Storm have been now closed by the authorities.

Monitoring is ongoing to ensure families returning to areas of origin are flagged for assistance and specialized support. The cluster continues advocacy and monitoring on decommissioning of the facilities ensuring the structures return to its original functions and service provision free of health hazards.

Throughout sites covered by direct CCCM activities, humanitarian service areas were affected with 10 Information Desks, 8 Women Friendly Spaces, 6 Child Friendly Spaces, 2548 latrines damaged or destroyed. None of the sites suffered from flooding, and site planning teams are on the ground monitoring and rehabilitating drainage systems and supporting vulnerable families with reconstruction of shelters.

The Cluster, in coordination with INGC and IOM DTM teams, will conduct comprehensive needs assessment with detailed information on urgent needs across all sectors. Outreach teams are on the ground providing information, support and referrals to protection services and Linha Verde complaints and feedback hotline.

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