Tropical Cyclone Dineo hits Mozambique

Tropical Cyclone Dineo hit the Inhambane province of Mozambique on Wednesday 15 February, with high winds, torrential rain and dangerous storm surge.

Dineo, the equivalent of a category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, made landfall in the town of Inhambane at around 1630 GMT, according to initial reports. It is the, first cyclone to hit the province of Inhambane since Favio caused destruction in February 2007 and the first to hit the town itself for more than 30 years. In 2008, intense tropical cyclone Jokwe made landfall higher up the coast of Mozambique.

According to WMO’s Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC) in La Reunion (Meteo-France) wind gusts may reach up to 180 km/h in affected coastal areas.

Rainfall may exceed 150mm in 24 hours, both in coastal areas, but also well inland. Storm surge will be 2-3 meters n the Bay of Inhambane, which is a popular tourist destination. But it will coincide with high tide to produce very hazardous waves and storm surge, according to RSMC La Reunion.

After landfall, Dineo will weaken but still has the potential to bring heavy rainfall to parts of Zimbabwe and South Africa.