Trocaire launches appeal for Mozambique flood victims

Trócaire today (Mon) released IR=A350,000 from its emergency fund to assist the victims of the flooding in Mozambique and has launched an appeal for funds for rehabilitation activities in the country.
Severe flooding and a wave of tropical cyclones have left Mozambique struggling to cope with its worst disaster in 50 years. Large parts of Southern Mozambique are underwater with entire towns submerged by flood waters which continue to rise and sweep through the provinces of Maputo, Gaza, Sofala, Tete and Inhambane.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and left destitute by the disaster. They have lost their homes and all their belongings including lifestock and food. The death toll is as yet unknown and no clear picture will emerge until the flood water recedes in the coming weeks.

The head of Trócaire's Overseas Department, Eamonn Meehan, stated: "This is a terrible tragedy to have hit Mozambique. After 15 years of civil war, a lot of progress had been made in recent years. Much of the good work will be undermined by this disaster. Rains will continue to batter South Africa and Zimbabwe and rivers will overflow and burst the river banks downstream in Mozambique."

He added: "Trócaire is working with local agencies in Maputo and Sofala provinces. As the water recedes, we will embark on the rehabilitaton process. This will involve vital water and sanitation activities, distributing seeds and tools, credit, the re-stocking of livestock and veterinary care for lifestock which survive the flooding."

Trócaire has been present in Mozambique since the late 1970s and Trócaire's Country Representative, Rosemary Heenan, is based in Maputo. The agency supports a broad range of activities with local partners. These projects include agriculture and rural development, urban development, income generation, healthcare, community development and the promotion of justice and peace.