Threats and violence against education in Mozambique in 2020


On 5 November a group of militants raided Nanjaba village, Cabo Delgado province during the night, firing shots and setting homes alight. During the attack nearly the entire village was burnt down, including a school. Residents who managed to escape the village heard that two civilians were beheaded and six women were kidnapped.

Increased conflict in Cabo Delgado province has led to a rise in violence not only towards civilians but also towards local education service providers leading to a highly insecure environment.
This document by Insecurity Insight focuses on violence against schools and teachers.
It does not include information on violence against students. Militant raids on towns and villages often included arson attacks on schools.

The incidents referred to are based on the dataset 2020 Threats and violence against education in Mozambique Data, which is available on the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)