Terms of Reference, Protection Cluster - Mozambique


  1. Protection Cluster Justification in Mozambique

The Protection Cluster was first established following the Idai Cyclone emergency in 2017. On 22 March 2019, an IASC System-Wide Scale-Up for Mozambique was activated, initially for three months, including activation of all 10 IASC clusters (i.e. from 22 March to 22 June 2019). In May 2019, the Mozambique HCT recommended that clusters remain active (with dedicated Coordinators & IM Capacity) for at least three months post-Scale-Up (i.e. until 22 September 2019). With humanitarian needs in Mozambique growing in the second half of 2019, including due to the escalating conflict in Cabo Delgado and residual needs linked to Cyclones Idai and Kenneth, the cluster system remained active in Mozambique.