St. Patrick's Day aid flight to Mozambique

News and Press Release
Originally published
New York, March 17th 2000
Concern Worldwide, the Irish relief organization announced today that they are sending another planeload of emergency supplies to Mozambique.

The flight will leave today, St Patrick's day, and arrive in Maputo, Mozambique early Saturday morning. The aircraft will deliver tents and plastic for shelter, blankets, water kits and jerry cans for carrying drinkable water, transport equipment, kitchen and household kits, sanitation equipment, and emergency program set-up kits.

Siobhan Walsh, Director of Concern's US operations said "St Patrick's Day is a day for celebration, but it is also a time to remember those less fortunate. This flight demonstrates the compassion of the Irish for the many thousands in need of help at this time".

Concern now has emergency operations in five areas of Mozambique.

Over 40 tons of supplies and equipment, contained in the first Concern aid flight, was distributed in Sofala Province this week. In addition, Concern is distributing food to 30,000 people in the area and is responsible for the rehabilitation of water equipment, temporary latrines, shelter and household supplies to10,000 people.

In Manica Province, Concern is undertaking temporary road repairs to allow access and distribution of food and essential non-food aid to isolated zones of Save. In addition, reconstruction kits are being distributed to 2,445 families who lost their homes and household goods. Concern is also sending Dr Durant, Assistant Director of Massachusetts General Hospital, to contribute to a preliminary assessment of the health needs in the area.

In the capital Maputo, Concern has completed distribution of food and emergency supplies to 14,000 people and will be working with local organizations to provide basic building materials for construction of new homes for 1,000 families.

Concern has been working with the people of Mozambique since 1984 and currently has operations in 23 countries around the world. Concern Worldwide has offices in Dublin, New York, Chicago, Belfast, London and Glasgow.

To communicate with personnel in Mozambique or to receive daily updates from the field, contact Siobhan Walsh or Anita McCabe at 212-557-8000.