Special Operation SO 200543: Provision of Logistics and Emergency Telecommunications Support to Humanitarian Emergency Operations in Flood Affected Areas of Mozambique

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Total cost (US$): 2,076,254

Duration: 20 January to 20 July 2013 (6 Months)

Executive Summary

Severe seasonal flooding has hit southern Mozambique and caused widespread damage to infrastructure, while displacing segments of the population.
Accommodation camps have been set up and relief items have begun to arrive in affected areas. An estimated 150,000 people have been displaced with the number of affected expected to rise as the rainy season continues. The Government is leading relief effort with support from the humanitarian community. Operations are scaling up to prevent a deterioration of the situation.

This Special Operation has been created to cater for the logistics and emergency telecommunications response to flooding in the southern part of Gaza province. The response plan includes provisions for common transport services, including air transport with helicopter, coordination of logistics assets, collection and dissemination of logistics information as well as coordination and provision of emergency telecommunications support. All activities are carried out through the WFP led Logistics Cluster and Emergency Telecommunication Cluster (ETC).