Special Operation 200407: WFP Logistics augmentation and coordination in support of the humanitarian community's response to devastation caused by tropical storm Dando and Tropical Cyclone Funso


Total cost (US$): US$ 933 285
Duration: 01 May to 31 October 2012 (6 Months

Executive Summary

Since mid January 2012, Mozambique has been affected by severe seasonal weather including tropical storm Dando and tropical cyclone Funso. As a consequence, more than 40 people have been killed, and a total of 108,048 have been adversely affected. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture estimates that 123,000 hectares of cultivated land have been affected, of which 6,000 ha have been completely destroyed.

The Government declared an orange alert on 16 January, and funds were allocated from the state budget to be used for the initial response including rescue operations by the National Civil Protection Unity (UNAPROC) in all affected areas, the purchase and delivery of shelter materials as well as supplies of food and water to assist the affected populations. The appropriate clusters supported the initial assessment and response in all affected provinces and districts. WFP as the leader of the Logistics Cluster, assigned staff to coordinate the logistics activities including information sharing, identifying gaps in the logistics response, as well as provided support in the establishment of common warehousing services.

The Government of Mozambique, through the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), presented a request to the international community for additional support to cover identified gaps and meet the immediate needs in terms of shelter, prevention of water-borne disease, access to food and seeds, safe and potable water for the affected population as well as urgent roofing materials for schools and health centers.

Through this Special Operation (SO), WFP will, in its capacity as leader of the Logistics Cluster, and on behalf of the humanitarian community, support the efforts of the Mozambican Authorities. In this regard, WFP will provide for the assets, equipment, staff, systems and facilities necessary to ensure a coordinated and effective logistics response. This will be achieved through the provision of common services to fill identified gaps, as well as to facilitate the timely delivery of live-saving assistance and to support to those in need.

This SO will start as soon as possible, have a duration of 6 months and will cost an estimated US$ 933,285.