Southern Africa Flood Emergency: UNICEF Emergency Update 16 Mar 2000 - Mozambique

Some 950,000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 190,000 children under 5 years old. Key priority locations remain in Limpopo and Save river areas.
Water level in Gaza province (Limpopo) continue to fall slightly, but there have been heavy rains continue throughout the central part of the country over the weekend. This has not affected transport of relief supplies into Limpopo valley area.

UNICEF has distributed food, medical supplies, blankets, shelter materials, health education pamphlets and equipment for the provision and storage of safe water to displaced persons camps and affected towns.

UNICEF and Oxfam have facilitated the repair of 28 wells in Limpopo valley, one of the worst affected regions.

UNICEF and partners begin an emergency vaccination campaign in the Limpopo valley today. Some 60,000-65,000 children will be immunized against measles and meningitis (children) and pregnant women will be immunized to help prevent neonatal tetanus.

UNICEF will also distribute hygiene and sanitation packs - including soap, jerrycan, bucket, cholera awareness pamphlet - to families displaced by the flooding. Tarpaulins, blankets and family kitchen kits to will also be distributed.

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Action in Gaza UNICEF is registering and seeking to reunite unaccompanied children with their families. Approximately 300 children have been reunified through natural (non-formal) reunification so far.