Security Council extends sympathy for devastation in Mozambique, calls for all possible steps to avert humanitarian crisis

Press Release SC/6815
The following statement concerning the recent floods in Mozambique was issued today by the President of the Security Council, Anwarul Karim Chowdhury (Bangladesh), on behalf of the Council:

Members of the Security Council, extending the deepest sympathy for the tragic loss of lives and extensive material damage, express strong support for and solidarity with the people and the Government of Mozambique in their resolve to meet the twin challenges of recovery and reconstruction following widespread devastation caused by the recent floods. They note with appreciation the determined efforts of the Government of President Chissano in alleviating the suffering of his people.

Members of the Security Council recognize the enormity of the disaster that befell the people of Mozambique due to the floods. They recall the courage and determination of the people of Mozambique and their leaders in coming out of the long and bloody civil war and in embarking on an exemplary endeavour at comprehensive nation-building. Members of the Council are gravely concerned that the present floods have seriously slowed the impressive progress of recent years, particularly in the areas of rehabilitation of victims of war and large- scale demining, and could severely erode the benefits of post-war recovery.

Members of the Security Council commend the regional and international efforts for relief and rehabilitation in Mozambique. At this hour of national emergency, they urge all governments and the international community as a whole, including the United Nations, to do as much as possible to help the people and the Government of Mozambique to overcome the damaging effects of the floods. They also call for all possible steps needed to avert a humanitarian crisis that could endanger the hard-won peace and security and to help return the economy of the country to the road of progress and development as soon as possible.