School kits help flood-hit pupils

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February 2013: Plan is distributing 10,000 learners’ kits to help children affected by the devastating floods in Mozambique to return to school.

The move is part of Plan's work to support the Mozambican government's emergency response to the disaster, which has affected more than 250,000 people across Gaza Province - destroying homes, schools and roads.

Each learners' kit includes 10 exercise books, pens, pencils, a ruler, eraser, a geometric set and a school bag. This will help restore schooling and sustain pupils for at least one term as the country rebuilds institutions and systems destroyed by the floods.

Vital support

“None of these children had complete materials. This kind of support goes a long way to assist them get quality education as each child will now have a book for every subject,” says Teresa Manhique, director of the first primary school that benefited from the kits.

In her school, tucked away just a few metres from Chokwe town, reading materials and desks were completely destroyed by the floods, forcing more than 300 pupils to lose out on their education for 2 weeks while they were relocated.

Feeling good about going to school

“I was using one exercise book for all subjects, but now I have many choices, this makes me feel really good about going to school,” says Elico, a second grade pupil after receiving his learners' kit.

The list of pressing needs is still long. Teachers badly need mobile blackboards and other teaching materials - but primarily they require emotional help.

In response, Plan is providing emotional and psychological support to hundreds of teachers affected by the floods, which have killed more than 80 people.