Save the Children responds to devastation in Mozambique

Save the Children has set in motion an emergency response in areas of Mozambique severely affected by flooding. The aid agency's response initially consists of distributing essential medicines and emergency kits, including children's clothes, cooking utensils and blankets, in Maputo and Inhambane. Save the Children is working through local authorities and in co-ordination with other agencies to get the aid to the most vulnerable as quickly as possible. The agency has also brought in a specialist Public Health Advisor to ensure needs are met. Roy Trivedy, Save the Children's Programme Director in Mozambique explains:
"Despite the limited access to affected areas, it is clear that the impact of the floods and cyclone has been devastating. Already illnesses such as malaria, diarrohea and scabies have noticeably increased. Homes, schools and medical facilities have been wrecked. Children are always the most vulnerable in an emergency situation such as this, and Mozambique is no exception. Our response to this emergency must ensure children's needs are prioritised."

Save the Children is concerned that the floods have had a considerable impact on the availability of food, and that this may lead to the first serious food shortages since the end of the war in 1992. Although Mozambique is a desperately poor country, with seven in ten people living on less than one dollar a day, the country has become an economic success in recent years, with obvious development since the end of the 16 year war. Roy Trivedy states:

"This disaster is even more tragic given that Mozambique has had the fastest growing economy in the world, and good management has meant that the country was becoming an economic success story since peace was secured. The international community must continue to respond swiftly and generously to the appeals of the Mozambican government, to ensure the emergency response is sustained, and long-term rebuilding is possible. We must not let this disaster compromise the progress that Mozambique has been making."

Save the Children will continue to work closely with Mozambican authorities and national and international agencies to help relieve the suffering of children and their families at this time of major crisis.

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Save the Children has worked in Mozambique since 1984. The agency's current long term development programme includes work on HIV/AIDS, improving basic services such as health and education, and in conjunction with the government and local NGO's building a commitment to children's rights.

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