Relocation Satisfaction Survey – Nicavaco, 19th September 2021

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Nicavaco Relocation Site Overview

The site was selected by the Metuge Administration for households from Nangua Temporary Site, who were relocated in July 2021. 2020 The site was demarcated by IOM CCCM to ensure that shelters are in safe locations and to allow for circulation.
The relocation took place along the months of July and August and was completed on the 14th of August.

Introduction and Methodology

After completion of the relocation a satisfaction survey was carried out at Nicavaco relocation site.

The overall aim of the data collection exercise was to:

• Assess the overall satisfaction of IDPs that moved from a temporary to a relocation sites

• Identify the major needs and gaps perceived by the IDP at the new site and during the relocation process

Due to time constraints, intentional sampling based on gender, inclusion of vulnerable groups and age was adopted to identify the pool of respondents at the site.

A total of 34 residents have been interviewed. 53 per cent of respondents were female and 47 per cent were male

Key Findings

• 100 per cent are happy about being moved to the site and 85 per cent of the IDPs interviewed reported feeling safe in the site.

• 50 per cent of the respondents received NFIs after being relocated to Nicavaco. The vast majority of all respondents requested for buckets and cooking set.

• All the respondents informed that their children are able to attend school.

• Only 50 per cent of respondents are able to access healthcare.

• Only 30% of the IDPs interviewed reported having access to clean water. The lack of access to clean water sources mainly depends on the fact that water points are currently only 2 and are located in one area of the site.