Portuguese Humanitarian Aid to Mozambique

Mission Mozambique 2000


Given the calamity situation in Mozambique, the Portuguese Government has determined that the National Service for Civil Protection (SNPC) shall carry out a Humanitarian Aid Operation, to mitigate the consequences of the floods that occurred in Mozambique in the last 15 days.


1. Directing, co-ordination and acknowledgement

The Operation has two slopes:

  • The acknowledgement and evaluation with the support of ERAS (Situation recognition and assessment Team). The operational multidisciplinary intervention is performed by a task-force operating in the leadership of one of the Vice-Presidents of SNPC.
  • The operational action on the ground shall be co-ordinated with the National Institute of Calamity Management (RM) and the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Maputo and of OCHA (OSOCC).

2. Operation concept

A multidisciplinary task-force is being created with the objective of developing release, assistance and aid actions towards the affected populations.

  • This task-force, given the necessities and the local standing, is able to settle a field for the displaced.
  • There will be an Assessment Team.
  • The Task-Force has 1 Command Team, 1 Maritime Assistance Team, 1 Medical Team, 1 Logistic Team, 1 Intervention Team, in a global total of 31 elements.
  • Besides the equipment of co-ordination and self assistance, the task force will air-lift with several other materials, such as: tents P6 (conic), combat rations, mat-mousse, blankets, generators, motor-pumps, corpse bags (adult and child), soap bars, hygiene kits, petrol stove, boats (with engine 25cv).

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