New Influx Of Mozambican Refugees Into Swaziland

MBABANE, Swaziland (PANA) - The Mozambican government has requested the Swaziland government to brace for a new influx of refugees made homeless following floods caused by Cyclone Eline in February.
Close to one million people have been rendered homeless following the flooding in the centre and southern parts of Mozambique.

The acting Mozambican high commissioner in Mbabane, Jacinto Maguni, told Swaziland's prime minister, Sibusiso Dlamini, that this time the refugees will not be forced out by war, but by the floods.

The monarchy, government and the people of Swaziland have donated maize and beans to Mozambique in response to Maputo's international appeal for relief.

"We are very grateful for the hospitality to the Swaziland government for the hospitality they afforded us in the past, some of whom have been repatriated back home. We would ask that the Swaziland government bear with as there may be new refugees heading this way," Maguni said.

He added that Maputo was not in a position to state how many people have died as they were still retrieving bodies.

In his reply Dlamini said: "We would have loved to donate more, but due to fact that we are also victims of the continuous rains that have left us with ruined fields, damaged land and the like, we are unable. However, after considering the extent to which our neighbours have been affected, we decided to share the little we had."

Swazis are continuing to send donations to the Mozambican mission in Mbabane.

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