Mozambique: World Vision Mozambique launches nutrition survey in Gaza

News and Press Release
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In light of the worsening food security and health situation in Gaza province, World Vision Moz (WVM) Relief, Health and Sponsorship Departments will undertake a nutritional survey in three Area Development Programmes (ADP) -- Alto Changane, Hluvuko and Tchemulane.
Alto Changane is in Chibuto district while the other ADPs are located in Mandlakaze district, two districts currently facing severe food shortages as a result of recent drought years. Some communities were also affected by the 2000 floods, which devastated much of the province. While the latest VAC results have not yet been released, the previous VAC (December 2002) put the acute malnutrition rates for Gaza province at 11.2%. WVM wants to conduct this study specifically in its ADP areas to be able to look at the nutritional status in our programme specific areas.

World Vision Mozambique Health and Sponsorship staff, along with local staff from the Ministry of Health, will conduct the survey. Save the Children US, who also operate in the two districts will also participate in the study.

The study is expected to be concluded by the end of July and results will then be compiled and analysed.