Mozambique: World Vision assesses damage caused by "Delfina"

By Anthea Spinks & Eleuterio Fenita
World Vision's Emergency and Relief staff in Mozambique have been visiting the northern coast of Mozambique along Nampula and Zambezia provinces which was hit by tropical depression "Delfina". Reports indicate that whilst damage to WV project sites was minimal, other areas display signs of major destruction to bridges, schools and other key infrastructure making them inaccessible.

A team is still carrying out assessments and the findings, which are expected to contribute towards the Government led efforts to determine the actual extent of the disaster, will be made public soon.

Reports that sections of the railway linking the strategic port of Nacala to neighboring Malawi have also been met with alarm as this could hinder food aid movement through the region, at a time when the famine crisis in Southern Africa appears to be worsening.

Government authorities are currently compiling information with the view of putting together a full picture of the actual situation on the ground in the wake of the disaster.

No emergency has been declared, but the National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC) says that there is an urgent need for air assets to be used in the transportation of aid, destined for the around 100 000 people affected. "This is essential if we are to establish an 'air lift' type of operation, which now seems inevitable, given that there are so many places we cannot reach by road," says the Institute's spokesperson Rogerio Maguel. "The one helicopter that we have at our disposal has been shuttling between the two affected provinces" he adds.

Thus far the authorities have managed to raise support for the stricken communities estimated to reach approximately US$20 000.

For more information, contact Eleuterio Fenita (WV Mozambique Communications Manager) on +258 82318972 or Anthea Spinks (WV Mozambique Relief Manager) on +258 82 316 269.