Mozambique: Vulnerability Assessment Committee Results 2018


Southern and Central Mozambique reported a delayed start to the rainfall season followed by extensive dry spells. The 36 most affected districts, spanning 4 provinces, were assessed. Around 80% of assessed households reported crop pests, including FAW. About 65% of households in Gaza Province and 78% of households in Tete Province reported having no maize stocks as of May 2018.
About 17% of the population - 891,000 people - in 36 districts requires assistance to avert IPC Phase 3 (Crisis). This is an increase of 185% from the previous year, when 313,000 people were classified as food insecure. The most affected province is Tete, with 305,100 people affected, followed by Gaza, with 178,500 people affected. About 34,000 Mozambican children suffer from acute malnutrition.

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