Mozambique: Vigil InSight Situation Report - 15 March 2021

Situation Report
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670,000 people have been displaced in Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique since 2017, as Islamic State (ISCAP) consolidates.

This document provides an analysis of the current situation in the Cabo Delgado region in Northern Mozambique and the implications for aid agencies working in the area. Link to the Vigil Insight Voiceover.


  • Insurgents, increasingly influenced by the Islamic State’s ‘Central Africa Province’ (ISCAP), launched rocket and mortar attacks for the first time in 2020.

  • Government security operations, supported by private security companies, have led to a drop in insurgents attacks in recent months.

  • International human rights NGOs have accused government forces of violent attacks on civilians accused of collaborating with insurgents and foreign private military contractors of indiscriminate firing at civilians.

  • The violence has increased humanitarian needs but puts key aid programmes related to food security, health and education in jeopardy.

  • Aid agencies remain at risk from the counter insurgency and militants who may seek to maintain momentum and score propaganda successes drive out the remaining non-Muslim population.