Mozambique - Update, Cabo Delgado Situation, 15 December 2020 - 15 January 2021

Situation Report
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15 December 2020 - 15 January 2021

There are 530,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Provinces of Cabo Delgado, Nampula, and Niassa Provinces, almost five times the number registered in March 2020. (Source: OCHA, 2021)

The main needs and challenges faced by displaced communities continue to be related to lack of shelter facilities, access to basic services and fear of being persecuted in the areas they are relocating to, which creates a highly volatile protection environment in Cabo Delgado as well as in neighbouring provinces.

The security situation in Cabo Delgado remains volatile with ongoing military operations in several parts of the province. The districts of Quissanga, Macomia, Meluco, Mocimboa da Praia, Muidumbe and Nangade remain inaccessible due to heavy presence of NSAGs and ongoing police/military operations.

Situation update

  • Cabo Delgado faces an ongoing situation of violence by non-state armed groups (NSAGs) since October 2017. The nature and scope of violence has steadily increased over time with the NSAGs claiming towns, such as Quissanga and Mocimboa da Praia in March 2020. Since then, various instances of serious human rights abuses including arbitrary killings and arrests, kidnappings, human trafficking and violence against children (rape, early marriages) have been recorded in several parts of Cabo Delgado province, with the majority being in central and northern districts of the province. As of January 2021, an estimated number of 530,000 individuals have been displaced by violence, seeking safety in several parts of Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Niassa and provinces.

  • On 18 December 2020, the UN and partners launched the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) of a total of UD$ 254 million to provide urgently needed assistance and protection to 1.1 million people affected by violence and insecurity in Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Niassa in 2021.

  • The security situation in Cabo Delgado remains volatile with ongoing military operations in certain parts of the province, including in areas near Mueda, Muidumbe and Mocimboa da Praia due to the active presence of NSAGs in these districts. During the reporting period, there was also a significant escalation of attacks conducted by NSAGs in Palma, Nangade and Macomia districts, including armed assaults in the Afungi Peninsula.