Mozambique: Tropical depression spreads to Zambezia Province

News and Press Release
Originally published
by Eleuterio Fenita - WV Communications and Marketing
Tropical depression 'Delfina' is said to have spread to the central province of Zambezia displacing at least 1 800 people, according to official sources. The situation in several areas - Gurue, Alto Molocue, Gile, Pebane and Maganja da Costa - is described as 'serious' following the collapse of bridges, the cutting off of roads and communication problems caused by torrential rain and strong winds. Local rivers have risen to alarming levels and latest weather forecasts indicate that things might get worse before they get better. The authorities have recommended that local emergency committees, made up of Government institutions and partners such as World Vision, be reactivated with a view to coordinating assistance efforts and ensuring that humanitarian aid is promptly and effectively channelled to the affected communities. Specific health measures are also being put in place so as to avoid to outbreak of epidemics such as cholera. World Vision, one of the largest non governmental organisations operating in Zambezia, where it has activities in fourteen of the province's 21 districts including eight Sponsorship Area Development Programs, has been especially requested to put its widely recognised expertise and know-how in the area of emergency and relief as well as resources at its disposal at the service of those committees.World Vision will be keeping everyone informed as the situation on the ground evolves.

For additional information please contact Eleuterio Fenita, Communications and Marketing Manager ++258 82 31 89 72 (mobile) or ++258 1 35 06 09 (office), Florencio Mareua, Emergency and Relief in Zambezia ++258 82 50 21 63