Mozambique: Tropical cyclone Japhet on land - Update 3 Mar 2003

Release Date: 03 March 2003: 1100GMT
Cyclone Japhet is accompanied by strong winds. Figure 1. shows the areas that are being affected by strong winds currently, and under forecast conditions. The pink areas show areas where winds of up to 92 km/hour may be experienced. The orange areas show areas where winds of up to 65 km/hour may be experienced. Other areas besides these may also be affected. While winds of 63 - 74 km/hr are not associated with significant damage, winds of 89 - 102 km/hr can generally cause considerable structural damage (Ref: Beaufort scale). Forecasts indicate that the cyclone is expected to lose strength over the next 12 to 24 hours.

MAP - Mozambique: Areas affected by strong winds accompanying Cyclone Japhet.

Another update will be issued with more details on the potential impacts regarding the rainfall and flooding situation.

The significant Weather Developments Bulletin is intended to provide timely highlights of developing weather patterns that might pose a threat to human lives and property. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of this report, country specific requirements should be addressed to the National Meteorological Services. The RRSU and FEWSNET produce a Situational Regional Floodwatch during the rainy season.

Acknowledgements: The information in this bulletin is derived from an analysis of issuances by the JTWC, La Reunion Tropical Cyclone Centre, and SADC DMC. An analysis of Meteosat satellite imagery, NOAA satellite-derived rainfall estimates, AFWA rainfall forecast models, USGS/FEWS NET water balance and hydrological streamflow models, ground reports, and any other available information is incorporated to estimate ground impacts. USGS/FEWS NET also provides direct input.

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