Mozambique - Tropical Cyclone Idai Multi-Sectoral Location Assessments, Cidade da Beira, Dondo, and Nhamatanda districts (10 April 2019)



Tropical Cyclone Idai made landfall in central Mozambique, on the night of 14 March 2019. From 2 — 7 April 2019 IOM, in close coordination with the Government of Mozambique agency Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Calamidades, conducted multi-sectoral location assessments in 41 displacement sites in Cidade da Beira, Dondo, and Nhamatanda districts .


There are 52,745 individuals (12,019 households) across the 41 assessed displacement sites. The majority of the displacement sites that were assessed are collective centres. 22 of the displacement sites are schools, 7 are community centres. 26 of the sites reported having site committees, and the remainder either reported that there is no committee (9) or gave no answer (6). All the sites are reported to be accessible.