Mozambique: Tropical Cyclone Idai Assessment Report - Beira City (2 April 2019) [EN/PT]



The rapid assessment of Beira was conducted on 29 March with 12 inter-agency assessment teams from INGC, IFRC, UN agencies and NGOs. The assessment used the pre-designed Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Calamidades (INGC) INGC form. Assessment teams visited 14 barrios / neighbourhoods – Matadouro, Tchondja, Inhamizua, Ndunda, Chingussura, Vaz, Vila Massane, Nhaconjo, Esturro, Manage Loforte, Munhava, Chota, Mananga and Muabvi 1.

Key Findings

• The total population of Beira is affected by the floods and wind damage from TC Idai.
• Displacement within Beira is a significant issue. Displacement from outside Beira was not reported.
• 88% reported diarrhoea, with over half reporting cholera.
• Food insecurity is a major issue, with 58% of respondents reporting malnutrition in their neighbourhoods.
• Water access and quality is reported as a key concern.


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