Mozambique: Supplementary feeding programme gets underway in Tete

Supplementary feeding programme gets underway in Tete World Vision Mozambique (WVM) has begun implementation of a supplementary feeding programme to affected communities in three districts of Tete province in Central Mozambique, Cahora Basa, Changara and Moatise.
The UNICEF funded programme will provide corn-soya-blend (CSB) supplement to 30,452 people, of which 19, 489 are children under five and 10,963 are pregnant or lactating women.

The programme began on January 27 and the first phase involves the selection and training of 300 community activists who will work with WVM Commodity staff on the distribution of CSB as well as the education of communities.

The project, which is due to run until June 2003, aims to implement:

  • Supervised distribution of Corn Soya Blend to pregnant and lactating women and children to provide an additional 400kcal/day on top of the basic ration and to provide additional vitamins and micronutrients;

  • Systematic de-worming and vitamin A supplementation for all children 6-59 months;

  • Community capacity development for improved care practices;

  • Active detection and referral of children with severe malnutrition to the closest health facility.

While the project has been generated as a response to the current food crisis, WVM Relief and Health teams will jointly oversee the project, with daily management being undertaken by health professionals.