Mozambique Shelter Cluster: Cyclones Idai and Kenneth National Situation Report 5 (5 May 2019)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Shelter Cluster
Published on 05 May 2019 View Original

1. Key points

Cyclone Kenneth

  • As of 03 May, a total of 43,367 houses were reported damaged or destroyed (Source INGC), (Cabo Delgado (38,067 houses) and Nampula provinces (5,291 houses) . 26,203 partially destroyed and 17,164 houses were totally destroyed by winds and flooding.

  • 18,189 people (4559 families) are displaced in 35 accommodation centres in centres in Cabo Delgado (17,856 people) and Nampula (313 people).

  • NFI and shelter distribution capacity is limited. IOM organized a session to train local NGO on distribution activities.

  • Insecurity in the Macomia area is leading to travel restrictions and requirements for escorts.

Cyclone Idai

  • Government has started the resettlement process for families that were living in accommodation collective centers. 44 sites are identified to date, with 6 in the process of receiving families. An estimated 12,000 HH will need to be resettled in the 4 provinces.

  • Distribution of shelter kits and essential NFIs are ongoing with over 57,000 people assisted to date. Partners are still unable to deliver full household kits due to limited stocks and funding.

  • With improving road access to remote communities, airlift operations have scaled back to essential food delivery only.

  • Different levels of self-recovery are observed in the 4 affected provinces. This process is slower in urban areas where materials need to be purchased instead of harvested/collected.

  • The demolition and disposal of asbestos roofing found throughout urban areas has raised concerns of the health of those working and living in the area. The material is often used to fill potholes in the streets of as fill in low lying areas.

2. Overall situation analysis

Cyclone Kenneth

More than 241,100 people had been affected by the impact of Cyclone Kenneth in northern Mozambique as of 3 May, according to the INGC. Some 92 per cent of people affected (208,361) are in Cabo Delgado province, while another 18,636 are in Nampula province, according to the Government.

A cholera outbreak has been reported, with at least 14 cases reported in the port town of Pemba and Mecufi district, according to the Provincial Health Director. At least 19 health facilities have been damaged and there has been severe damage to water and sanitation facilities in multiple locations, heightening the risk of water-borne diseases.

More than 31,400 hectares of crops have been destroyed – during the main harvest - and an unknown number of fishing boats and facilities have been either swept away or damaged, according to the Government. This has negatively impacted communities’ livelihoods and is likely to increase food insecurity in the months ahead.

Cyclone Idai

As of 03/05/2019, INGC damage data puts the total number of households damaged or destroyed at 111,202 destroyed, and 112,745 partially damaged with 15.784 flooded. In the Manica province, only 5,767 HH have received shelter and NFI assistance out of 58, 527 households that had damaged or destroyed homes.

More than 700 people were relocated from the IFAPA accommodation centre in Beira to Guara Guara in Buzi on 20 April. The relocations were reportedly organized and orderly, according to the Government and Protection partners.