Mozambique Response to Insecurity: EIE Coordination Group/Education Cluster Year Overview - Reporting of activities from 1 January 2021 - 30 November 2021 [EN/PT]


Key Education Cluster Concerns for 2022

Hard to Reach Areas- Thousands of children in districts such as Nangade, Palma, Mocimba da Praia and Muidumbe have not had strong education support because of limited access and the security considerations for those districts. These locations are priority locations for 2022.

Out of School Children- Ministry of Education data show school enrollment figures for Cabo Delgado at only 62%, 38% of children are currently out of school (March, 2021). COVID-19 and the ongoing insecurity have created barriers for children to access schools creating delays in going back to school. The longer children stay out of school, the more likely they are not to go back. Children who ae not in school are more susceptible to child abuse, early marriage, recruitment into armed groups and other protection risks.

Children with Disabilities-In September 2021, The Provincial Directorate in Cabo Delagdo reported over 1000 children with disabilities registered as being out of school, however because of lack of identification of children with disabilities this number is suspected to be much higher. Children with disabilities need access to education services through proper infrastructure and teachers need pedagogical support to ensure disability inclusion.

Reconstruction of Schools- School and WASH in School infrastructure has been severely impacted by the insecurity in Cabo Delgado with DPE reporting 249 schools affected and 46 schools destroyed (June, 2021). Without safe and clean formal infrastructure, WASH facilities or informal services in place children are at risk of not returning to school.
Quality Education Services- Both teachers and students have been significantly impacted by the insecurity and these traumas affect teacher's ability to provide quality education services to children and children's ability to learn.

Teachers need support in PSS but also need to be equipped to provide quality education for children during a time of instability with consideration to the protracted nature of the crisis.