Mozambique: Report #2: Activities from March 21 to May 4, 2020

Situation Report
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The following report summarizes the relief actions of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (BTCF) in response to COVID-19 in Mozambique.

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) emerged in African region on February 25 and was spread to Mozambique on March 22. As of May 18, Mozambique has accumulated 137 confirmed cases with 0 death and 44 recoveries reported.

Recognizing the urgent need of personal protective equipment (PPE) and food resources, BTCF has delivered its aid to various institutions and communities through the donations and distribution of food items and non-food items including rice, surgical masks, non-surgical masks, cloth masks, and soap.

Summary of Actions from March 21 to May 4

1. Total Number of Food and Non-Food Items Donated

BTCF has donated food and non-food items to various institutions including hospitals, clinics, military forces, government offices, television stations (for frontline reporters), police stations, public transportation companies, schools, and vulnerable communities.

2. Beneficiaries of the donations
The food and non-food items were donated to various frontline and essential institutions including:
● Nhamatanda
○ Nhamatanda Police
○ Nhamatanda Hospital
○ Nhamatanda Administration Office
○ Nhamatanda Education Center
○ Nhamatanda Residence Security
○ Nhamatanda Tzu Chi Volunteers

● Da Ai Village
○ Metuchira Resettlement Center
○ Cura Resettlement Center
○ Ndenja Resettlement Center

● Tica
○ Tica Police
○ Tice Administrative Office

● Metuchira
○ Metuchira Police
○ Metuchira Administration Office
○ Metuchira Tzu Chi Volunteers

● Beira
○ Beira Central Hospital
○ Beira Institution of Visual Deficiency
○ Beira Tzu Chi Home Security

● Maputo
○ National Institute of Health - Marracuene
○ Army Forces
○ Ministry of Health
○ UCM Maputo
○ Television Maputo
○ Public Transport Mozambique
○ Private Transport Mozambique
○ Police Mozambique
○ Maputo Tzu Chi Volunteers

● Lamego
○ Lamego Police
○ Lamego Administration Office
○ Lamego Tzu Chi Volunteers

● Support other countries*
○ South Africa
○ Eswatini
○ Vatican City
○ Zimbabwe
*BTCF in Mozambique has supplied surgical masks to those countries/cities in support of the COVID-19 relief action of BTCF in the particular country/city.

Additionally, in collaboration with the government officials and authorized agencies, BTCF has carried out community outreach in the remote and rural communities to provide correct and latest information of the preventive measures to fight COVID-19. Volunteers of BTCF have participated and completed the professional healthcare training led by the Ministry of Health in Mozambique and were authorized to visit the communities to teach about handwashing, social distancing, personal hygiene care, and other critical prevention methods.

To ensure basic protection of the community without affecting the supplies of surgical masks to the frontline workers, BTCF gathered its volunteers to produce the cloth masks for volunteers and the rest of the communities.

Despite the stable increase of confirmed cases in African region, BTCF will continue its effort in reaching out to those that are most needy, marginalized, and vulnerable, to ensure they have enough resources to get through the crisis together.

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