Mozambique: Protection Cluster - Return, Relocation and Resettlement | Guiding Principles - Cabo Delgado, June 2020 [EN/PT]


I. Summary

For the return, relocation and resettlement of affected people, the humanitarian community endorses the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement which require returns to be safe, voluntary and dignified.

This requires:

  1. Communities have been consulted
  2. A joint strategy is in place with an established government focal point
  3. Relocation and resettlement sites have been assessed and basic services are in place
  4. Both IDPs and host communities will be supported
  5. Specific considerations are in place for vulnerable groups
  6. An agreed plan is in place for those who do not want to return or resettle
  7. Planning for livelihoods and land provision has been completed
  8. A weekly joint ‘lessons learned’ meeting to take stock of what went well and what can be improved as the return and resettlement process progresses.

Humanitarians will not provide assistance, personnel, or funding to any movements that have not met the pre-conditions described. Humanitarians may likewise be forced to suspend support if any movement of population is deemed to cause harm or put the population at risk.

Humanitarians recognize that the Government of Mozambique has the ultimate authority to decide when and how movements take place. We encourage the Government to commit to upholding the same principles described above, in line with internationally recognized guidelines and standards. The humanitarian community stands ready to work with the Government of Mozambique alongside the INGC to ensure displaced persons are assisted and enabled to rebuild their lives, where these moves are safe, voluntary and dignified.

This paper sets out the guiding principles that should be the foundation for proposed returns, relocations and resettlements in Cabo Delgado.