Mozambique: Protection Cluster - Factsheet on Climate Related Displacement - April 2022



Mozambique is one of Africa’s most vulnerable countries to climate change. Mozambique ranks 154 out of 181 countries in the ND-GAIN index (2016) that measures vulnerability to climate change. It is the 35th most vulnerable and the 24th least ready country – meaning that it is vulnerable to, yet unready to address climate change effects. A combination of poverty, weak institutional development and frequent extreme weather events places the country at heightened vulnerability. In recent years, Mozambique has been hit by climate-related hazards such as droughts, floods and cyclones. Of those, in the context of climate change and disasters, cyclones have been increasing in intensity and frequency mostly hitting central Mozambique.

Cyclones that in recent history were happening over period of years are now happening on an annual basis causing displacements and disruption of livelihoods.

In the last 16 years, the country has recorded 10 tropical systems, among them cyclones and storms. In the last two seasons, cyclone Gombe was the most devastating, in terms of deaths, affected population and damaged infrastructure.
Comparing the category four cyclones recorded from 2006/07 to date, Idai has caused the most human and infrastructural impacts, followed by Gombe and Kenneth.