Mozambique Price Bulletin, August 2021


Maize, maize meal and rice are the most important food commodities for poor. Maize is the staple food for the poor, with maize meal most often used as a substitute. Rice is also used as alternate staple as it competes with maize meal and is important for all wealth groups particularly for the middle and better off. Each of the markets represented here act as indicators for the broader region. Tete is representative for the province by the same name, Nampula and Pemba are the main markets in the north and are representative for the region, with Nampula having linkages with the interior of Zambezia and Nampula provinces and coastal Nampula. Mocuba is a major market in Zambezia Province and sorrounding areas with strong linkages with Milange bordering Malawi and Quelimane city.
Beira has linkages with Gorongosa and Chimoio markets while both Gorongosa and Chimoio have strong linkages with southern markets. The Chokwe, Maxixe, and Maputo markets in the south are linked to markiets in the central region.
Chókwe is the reference market for the southern region, except Maputo, the capital.