Mozambique: Palma Displacement Response - Situation Report (14th April 2021)


Following the recent attacks in Palma Sede, DTM teams in Nangade, Mueda, Montpuez, Ancuabe, Balama, Namuno and Pemba districts have registered a significant rise in IDP arrivals since 27 March. As of 14th April 2021, nearly 18,661 IDPs have arrived from Palma to the four district.

As the IDPs continues to arrive, increases were noted in Pemba (3251), Montepuez (3185), Mueda (6401), Nangade (4917) and Cidade De Nampula (309) 1.

The CCCM cluster continues to work in close collaboration with the National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD) to providelogistical and technical support including:

a) Monitoring of transit center at Centro Desportivo, Pemba
b) Monitoring IDPs arrivals across 16 sites in districts Metuge, Montpuez, Chiure, and Ancuabe through CCCM partners