Mozambique: More than 40,000 people receive seeds to help rebuild their lives

from International Committee of the Red Cross
Published on 17 Dec 2018 View Original

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Mozambique Red Cross Society (CVM) distributed seeds to help displaced communities in Maringue district to rebuild their lives. These communities were affected by armed violence in central Mozambique and returned home to little or nothing. During the most recent distribution, more than 40,000 community members received seed kits and a further 10,000 received packages containing essential household supplies.

"When the violence broke out, we all fled to another community seeking for safety. We lost many assets – food stocks, our huts and all our domestic goods within. When we returned home, we struggled to get back on our feet. ICRC assistance has helped us with exactly what we need (essential household items, seeds and tools). We just hope it will go further in supporting us. I intend to raise livestock, cattle, pork, goats...that I need help me and my family." Benjamin Armando

"Due to the violence, I left Gumbalansai and I have settled in Medja, about 30 kilometers from here. I lost my whole family to cholera, my home was burned, assets and livestock looted. Nowadays, I’m living in a Fumo house (the local traditional authority) but I want to be able to produce my own food. My age does not allow me to cultivate all the land required. I'm very grateful for the essential household items that I received in June and these seeds now." Bulacho Tuala

The ICRC and Mozambique Red Cross Society have assisted over 100,000 people affected by armed violence in central Mozambique to rebuild their lives between 2017 and 2018.