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Mozambique, Malawi - Tropical Cyclone GOMBE, update (GDACS, INGC, DoDMA, INAM, MET Malawi) (ECHO Daily Flash of 15 March 2022)

  • Northern Mozambique continues to be affected by the passage of tropical cyclone GOMBE on 11-14 March, resulting in an increased humanitarian impact.
  • As of 14 March, the National Institute for Disaster Management of Mozambique (INGC) reports 15 fatalities in Nampula Province and one missing person in Zambezia Province.
  • About 50 people have been injured, and around 11,630 individuals are currently displaced to 25 evacuation centres in Nampula and Zambezia. More than 100,400 persons have been affected and 10,811 houses have been destroyed and other 11,882 sustained damage.
  • In Malawi, the number of fatalities due to the passage of tropical cyclone GOMBE across the Southern Region increased to six, the impact assessments are ongoing.
  • On 15-17 March, light rainfall is expected over northern Mozambique and light to locally moderate rainfall with thunderstorms is forecast over the Southern Region of Malawi.