Mozambique Gender-Based Violence AoR - Situation Analysis Nanjua, Ancuabe, Cabo Delgado (February 2022)


Gender based Violence (GBV) is a major risk for vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), in particular for women and girls residing in IDP sites across Cabo Delgado. To gain a deeper insight into the specific risks of GBV, community response and prevention mechanisms of women and girls in Nanjua, the GBV AoR, in collaboration with UNFPA, conducted Safety Audits. Nanjua is a locality that belongs to the post of Messa. It is composed of the IDP camps of Marrocame and Nanjua B; and of Nanjua A where host communities live. Nanjua comprises of an estimate 7000 IDP households residing there since 2 years ago, and recently received about 2000 new IDPs.

The methodology of the Safety Audits was qualitative, through Focus Group Discussions (FGD). Two FGDs were conducted in August 2021, of which one with IDP women and girls and one with men and boys, through semi-structured questionnaires. FGDs were adopted to gain insights from the community about their perception of GBV risk factors, and strategies to minimize and cope with risks.