Mozambique Food Security Update, March 2004

Situation Report
Originally published


In general, this rainy season has been erratic and late. Rains in January marked the beginning of significant relief, after a long dry spell in November and December.

Because of heavy rains during the second and third dekad of January, some flooding took place in lowlands along the Zambezi, Limpopo, Pungue and Buzi River Basins, causing crop losses. Nevertheless, the residual moisture will benefit second season plantings where applicable.

The cropping season was delayed by two to three months this year, starting in January rather than the normal October (in the southern and central areas) or November/December (in the northern areas).

The rains in January helped existing crops to recover and facilitated new planting, which has extended into early March. Because of continued rains, these crops have been developing reasonably well.

The upcoming Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO), coordinated by WFP, will begin in July, on the heels of the current EMOP, and is slated to last for three years. The aim of the PRRO is to help reestablish rural livelihoods and stabilize household food security in the context of HIV/AIDS. The PRRO consists of three main components: (1) school based feeding activities; (2) disaster mitigation; and (3) safety net activities.

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