Mozambique Food Security Outlook Update March 2013

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Food security conditions improve as the harvest begins


• The food security situation has improved over the past month and the current food insecurity outcomes are Minimal (IPC Phase 1) for the majority of the rural households since food is more readily available through harvests and targeted food assistance. Throughout most of the country Minimal outcomes are expected to continue for the remainder of the Outlook period (through June).

• Currently, although at lower levels and decreasing, Stressed acute food insecurity outcomes (IPC Phase 2) are still present in areas including parts of Cahora Bassa, Mutarara, Macossa, and Machanga districts in the central zone, and Chigubo, Chókwe and Funhalouro districts in the south. From April to June Stressed outcomes (IPC Phase 2) will persist in Chókwe district, while food insecurity in the remaining districts will be Minimal (IPC Phase 1).

• Many households displaced by January’s floods have returned to their homes and the disaster authorities have lifted the red alert. The recovery phase is underway with support from the humanitarian community. Urgent needs include the provision of seeds and other agriculture inputs for the replanting process and the second cropping season. Unmet assistance needs could lead to delayed recovery