Mozambique Food Security Outlook, Update March 2012

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Rainfall deficits continue in the central and southern areas

Key Messages

  • The most likely scenario described in the FEWS NET February Outlook report is still valid, particularly for the drought scenario. The persistent and significant rainfall deficits in parts of the central zone and much of the southern zone have led to below-average crop yields during the 2011/12 cropping season. However, the majority of households, including those in drought-affected areas, are generally food secure (IPC Phase 1).

  • According to the February assessment by the Technical Secretariat for Food Security and Nutrition Vulnerability Assessment Group (SETSAN/GAV), an estimated 146,500 people, most of whom are located in Zambézia and Tete provinces, will require humanitarian assistance, until the next second season harvest in July/August 2012, due to recent shocks including cyclones/storms, floods and/or dry spells.

  • As the country enters the harvest period, increased crop availability in local markets has started pushing prices down in some monitored markets, especially for the readily available crops such as maize. In most markets, monthly maize prices from January to February have remained unchanged or decreased following the seasonal trend due to the beginning of harvests. From now to June, further decreases are expected as the harvest period sets in throughout the country.