Mozambique Food Security Outlook Update February 2013

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Despite flooding, a good harvest is expected


  • Acute food insecurity outcomes for the majority of rural households across the country are Minimal (IPC Phase 1). Favorable food security prospects will continue throughout the outlook period as the season harvest becomes increasingly available, further improving household food access.

  • Stressed (IPC Phase 2) food insecurity outcomes are expected until March in areas including parts of Cahora Bassa, Mutarara, Macossa, and Machanga districts in the central zone, and Chigubo, and Funhalouro in the south, due to limited access to food because of 2011/12 production shortfalls and the restricted flow of goods due to heavy rainfall in some areas. Throughout the outlook period, Stressed food insecurity outcomes (IPC Phase 2) are expected in Chókwe district because of the displacement of households due to flooding.

  • Despite the later start of season, followed by heavy rains and localized flooding in the major basins, crops are in good condition. The season’s national crop production prospects are reported to be good, with substantial contributions expected from the central and northern region.