Mozambique Food Security Outlook April to September 2013


As harvests continue, food security is expected to remain stable in the coming months


• Throughout the country, Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity outcomes are expected for most rural households and will continue during the outlook period. The exceptions are localized areas in the Limpopo Basin where households will be Stressed (IPC Phase 2), in the presence of assistance, due to crop damage and disrupted livelihoods due to the flooding in January.

• As the seasonal harvests progress, diverse food supplies are becoming increasingly available and these are adequately supplying markets. Food prices have started decreasing according to the seasonal trend and these declining staple food prices will improve food access for market dependent households.

• From April to June, the majority of poor households in Chókwe district and surrounding areas will be Stressed (IPC Phase 2) in the presence of the ongoing assistance. From July to September, poor households in these areas are expected to continue to be Stressed even as they extend their livelihood strategies, and begin to benefitfrom second season harvests in areas where residual moisture is available.